Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A blue kettle kind of day

Our kettle broke. Our lovely red kettle.
A mini catastrophe.

Teatime is a hub of our family culture and we don’t live near town. Visitors were coming any minute.
Instead of scurrying off to buy a new one, I remembered we had a kettle we hadn’t christened.

A beautiful blue enamel kettle.

I’d been longing to take it camping for steaming mugs of tea in the bush.
We often stress and scramble when we could choose to be more resourceful.
The blue kettle has stayed and actually makes a pretty picture in the kitchen.
It turns an ordinary routine into a moment of beauty. 
I feel cheerful just looking at it.
It is also very sketchable.
I sketched it one morning last week. 
Something I want to make more time for. 
To just do instead of making excuses.
To capture the simple beauty of an ordinary moment.

                         What is it you keep jotting down on your                      want-to-make-time-for list?
What do you keep writing and just not getting to?
It is really satisfying to actually do. that. thing. 
It can be so simple.
To go for a walk. To read aloud to my children.
To sketch something.
To tidy that hideous cupboard.
Today I did and felt quite pleased with myself.
It also gave momentum.
Once that was behind me, I felt liberated to keep going with another tough task.
Or keep sketching!

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