Saturday, March 30, 2019

cést si bon

It’s been a deliciously damp drizzly Saturday with very welcome wet weather and the cool change at last.
It is more cosy to stay home than to head out the door and into rain. Far better to bake up a storm in the kitchen and potter about.
There is a strong café culture these days. It’s tempting to pop out for a special coffee close by. We have a beautiful café just up the road. I have always declined buying a coffee machine because I'd rather a special treat where really good coffee is an artform.
To actually enjoy being together at home is a lost art I suspect. Families are fragmented every day of the week with everyone going in different directions. It is nice to gather at home in each other’s company with the chance to really relax and save some money by cooking something special at a fraction of the cost of going out. It is wonderful to be sociable, but you don’t necessarily need visitors and extra company to experience those special touches of hospitality.

I love watching some of my children get creative in the kitchen. For two in particular, it is their way of relaxing. The more fiddly the recipe, the more they enjoy the process.
My son relished a slow start to his weekend. It is so different getting up early to catch a school bus and be away each day.  To stay home is luxurious for a schoolboy. Especially on a rainy day.
One of the few souvenirs from Daniel’s travels last year was to bring home an épandeur de crêpe, a wooden tool for spreading crepe batter. It is quite tricky to make a good melt-in-your-mouth French crepe. He certainly mastered them this morning!
Daniel was inspired by the beautiful visual feasts of @_foodstories_ 
 and their recipe for crepes with apple and berry sauce. He adapted the gluten free recipe and used coconut milk. They were soft and delicate, just as a good French crepe should be.
Here’s to home cooked hospitality – food made with love for one another - just because.
                Bon appétit!

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