Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a sweet little something

Something is better than nothing. And rather than apologise for not writing for aaaaaages, I'll just say hi and it's good to be back. You know the saying "if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all"? Let's just say Eyeore-itis paid a visit, but has finally taken a back seat. I have prayed that the scales would fall from my eyes and let me really notice the beauty of the little things again. It's been grey for too long. Isn't it awful when there really are so many blessings right under our nose and we just can't see them for looking?

I have felt a bit sad that I have been so "blah" about everything I normally delight in and that I haven't even wanted to BE in the garden, let alone be gardening in the garden.
It is mature enough to cope with a little neglect. In fact, I think it looks rather settled when it's a bit shabby around the edges. So I am hereby just going to relax. There's always another year to tidy it up. Nothing drastic will happen because I didn't move the overshadowed roses this winter or plant more annuals. There is always another season. Believe it or not - winter will come again next year!

I've just remembered I do have a reason to feel quite virtuous.  THIS year I managed to stake the tomatoes! Every summer I vow I'll pin them up to stop the poor things sprawling all over the ground. I did it. Believe it or not - each plant is self sown. They are the most hardy!

The garden has been a source of comfort. Just to wander outside and see the beautiful deep red hollyhocks that also cleverly popped up all my themselves. They have grown much better this year than when I actually planted them. They are covered in blooms and taller than me. Glorious!

The jacaranda tree is happily jacarandaring - dropping its purple blossoms all over the lawn beautifully and effortlessly.

To gather a handful of fresh ripe raspberries to sprinkle on vanilla yoghurt for breakfast is so sweet.

I'll tell you all about "tickleberries" next time. 
It's the little things that kindle delight.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Feeling fruit-less , dry and unproductive. Scratching my head…because it doesn’t seem so long since I was in the thick of a wonderfully fruitful time.
Maybe I shouldn’t  be so hard on myself – we’re not meant to blossom continuously.
 (Maybe I am a bi-annual J )
Yet I feel spiky, barren, and dry. Like a thorny rose busy after pruning.  Ugly and bare…shrivelled fruit clinging to the last of the branches.
He is the Vine and I am the branch. Have I been abiding?
Yes, but it has been a wintry time.
Plants go through seasons just like we do. Autumn is a time when roses flourish. Then they head into winter. Dormant. A time to prune, cut back and rest.  It seems like nothing is happening, but resting IS fruitful. Being quiet; hunkering down; conserving energy before a new season of output.
And then, in preparation for the next surge of energy, a generous dose of fertiliser makes all the difference.

Those little pellets don’t look like much, scattered on the bare earth…but as the water soaks deep,  the roots will absorb that goodness and it will make all the difference to the coming season.
Thinking ahead, I suspect I need a handful of fertiliser to replenish and keep me going…fruitful for the long haul.  It’s time for a family holiday. To change the scenery and go up north to the warmth and the water.
 Going camping gets you back to basics. It’s simple and grounding.  
(Well…kind of simple with only four children to take this time.)
I want to be ready to come back and re-invent the wheel. I think our whole family needs  a time of refreshing and a revamp.
It’s high time for an adventure.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

harvesting sunshine

The sunny days have been few and far between this summer.
Cherry tomatoes have popped up everywhere. Absolutely everywhere.
I haven't the heart to pluck out these healthy plants - God does the best job when plants self sow. I don't seem to have much success when I plant seeds.
And the best thing about these little beauties is they don't need spraying for fruit fly.
We've used them a lot in cooking and even made a batch of tomato sauce.
One feels quite virtuous transforming produce into food.
I must say though, I don't love standing in the kitchen for long hours "dealing" with produce.
I'm quite happy to share with the wildlife.
Red and green apples have also been abundant in the orchard this year.
I must admit, I've let the parrots enjoy most of them.
But there's plenty for everyone!

orchard harvest

A basketful of summer
Our single tree was laden with delicious blood plums this year. Red and juicy and ripe for bottling. It made for a happy sunny afternoon to gather extended family together to climb and shake and gather the fruit.
Grandson number one, the family dog, big sons, little ones, in laws and outlaws...everyone came out to join in the harvest.
I love that about living here.
There is always something "real" to do - right here in our own backyard.
Plus, we enjoyed fresh fruit crumble for dessert!