Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I can think of so many things I’d like to do “when I grow up”.
I would love to have a violet farm.
Pink ones and purple ones.
How sweet it would be to pick posies of violets to take to elderly ladies in a nursing home. They miss their gardens and their flowers. How sad it must be to live in a sterile environment with no flowers after living long years enjoying tending gardens and picking fresh flowers for their homes.
Violets are personal. It is comforting to have a fragrant little posy beside the bed.

stitching snippets

Colourful stitching gives a zing today.  Working with aqua, bright orange, cheery yellow and hot pink brightens my wintery afternoon. 
  Hand stitching is so soothing.
When my mind feels muddled and I don’t “feel” creative, I go through the motions of hand embroidery – steadily following the pattern without  thinking .
The rhythmic action allows me to ponder.
To meditate and contemplate, freeing from the nagging guilt that I am not coming up with original creativity that is more dramatic.
Stitching is a quiet achievement.

 It is good to be productive when I don’t feel productive.

Even the snippety scraps are pretty!