Tuesday, March 6, 2012

harvesting sunshine

The sunny days have been few and far between this summer.
Cherry tomatoes have popped up everywhere. Absolutely everywhere.
I haven't the heart to pluck out these healthy plants - God does the best job when plants self sow. I don't seem to have much success when I plant seeds.
And the best thing about these little beauties is they don't need spraying for fruit fly.
We've used them a lot in cooking and even made a batch of tomato sauce.
One feels quite virtuous transforming produce into food.
I must say though, I don't love standing in the kitchen for long hours "dealing" with produce.
I'm quite happy to share with the wildlife.
Red and green apples have also been abundant in the orchard this year.
I must admit, I've let the parrots enjoy most of them.
But there's plenty for everyone!

orchard harvest

A basketful of summer
Our single tree was laden with delicious blood plums this year. Red and juicy and ripe for bottling. It made for a happy sunny afternoon to gather extended family together to climb and shake and gather the fruit.
Grandson number one, the family dog, big sons, little ones, in laws and outlaws...everyone came out to join in the harvest.
I love that about living here.
There is always something "real" to do - right here in our own backyard.
Plus, we enjoyed fresh fruit crumble for dessert!