Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The gorgeous colours of red.  
All shades of red, orange and burnt umbery ochre and yellow.
The warm palette of the colour wheel heralding the change of season.  Are the falling leaves warning that winter is not far off?
The beautiful light at this time of year
The tangy chill in the late afternoon air.  
Brisk walks
The scent of wood smoke wafting the promise of comfort and a cosy fireside to ward off the chill
Just those words - Comfort.  And Cosy.
Mouth watering recipes that call for hearty casseroles to warm the tummies
A glass of good red to contemplate the firelight
Fingers twitching to dig in the dirt and plant for the promise of spring
Fingers also twitching to play with all things yarnish – bring out the knitting!
The lure of camping and campfire reveries, preferably with guitars
And some sort of … adventure …just around the corner?
A tantalising taste of things to come.
A sense of promise.
Of possibilities.

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  1. Mmmm I LOVE autumn! Wish we could knit together and drink red wine tonight xo