Sunday, July 3, 2016

planting time

It's time to tuck in some new little babies.

Fresh seedlings. Full of promise and potential

The earth here is del-ic-ious!
Truly - it is so good. We really are blessed to live here.
I pinch myself some days.
And I am very thankful.

I'm not that flash at straight rows, but they don't mind.
I think rain is coming to settle them in tomorrow. 
Perfect timing.

I am only a tiny little humble flower farmer.
Maybe I'm naive. Maybe I'm lazy!
I prefer to keep things simple and down to earth.
These flowers are out in the open. Vulnerable, yes, but 
I think they smell better out in the fresh clean air here at Ravensbourne.
Grown naturally out in the garden just like flowers are meant to grow. 
I am very aware of how fragile we all are. 
I can plant the seedlings, but only God can do the rest.
It makes me realise how very vulnerable we are to the mercy of God's provision and protection.
The day after I harvested last year's beautiful bountiful crop of flowers, we had a hail storm in the neighbourhood. 
My heart goes out to farmers.
Not only does nature assail their crops, but the majority of the money made goes into everyone else's pockets.
I absolutely love being a small spasmodic part of the Toowoomba Farmer's Market
They only kicked off one year ago. Three cheers for farmers' markets!
See you in the spring :)

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