Monday, June 12, 2017

random acts of kindness

You cannot put God in a box.
He often surprises us and sometimes answers prayers that we don’t even utter.
The garden has had the upper hand this year. Big pruning and hedging work has needed doing for months and it has been so overwhelming, it makes me want to run away from home!
I look at all the work that is beyond me, sigh, and go and make (another) cup of tea!
There is a dearth of gardening help in our local vicinity. Those green VIP guys don’t come out our way. My capable son is working elsewhere and my hubby is out of action with a bung shoulder.
A few months ago, I wondered how I could find a WOOFer (workers on organic farms) – the only trouble is, we’re not really organic!
Then along came Nicolas.
God just dropped a new friend into our family, courtesy of our capable son who suggested I might like a hand in the garden in return for a place to stay for a week or two.
(I think Tim was relieved he didn’t have to do the hedges.)
Nicolas is from France. He finished his agricultural studies and is spending a year travelling in Australia experiencing various work opportunities. He met Tim working for friends on the cotton harvest.
It is amazing what an energetic young guy can do in a few days!
He has been so willing and enthusiastic, it has blessed our socks off.
Pictured below : Nicolas helping our youngest son with a bridge building project.

There are many fine young people in this next generation. Cheerful, honest and trustworthy.
Despite the negative news reports bombarding our senses, there is so much good in this world.
Let’s focus on the positives.

“There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet.” William Butler Yeats

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