Tuesday, January 1, 2013

garden treasures

Our garden has all sorts of little treasures tucked in nooks and crannies.
It's 14 years since we bought this lovely piece of land.
A dream come true. 
It's like God had my wishlist of everything I would have liked "one day, when I live in the country".
Good soil. 
A view
Mature trees
Abundant water
We moved here from a small town block dominated by huge camphor laurel and Chinese celtis trees.

What a sense of glee to have a blank canvas to create a garden from scratch without such competition. Daunting yes, but full of possibilities with its rich, deep earth.

The first thing I planted was an Akebia quinata - or chocolate vine.
Hubby has since christened it The Triffid.
It's prolific.

I love finding unusual plants. I wouldn't say I am a plant collector, but it's fun finding different perennials.
This month, I would like to do a little summery tour of our garden.

In order to cultivate new habits of being consistent - the word to work on for 2013 - let's see what we can show you with a photo to post each day throughout January. A good start to the year with hopes to get to this little blog more often.
I confess, these are photos from last year, but you get the picture.
The hydrangeas are gorgeous again. We have all the colours - deep ruby, pink, blue and white!
There is also an oakleaf hydrangea which flowers in early December with pinnacles of white florets. I'd like to try (again) with a climbing hydrangea. There's always something to look ahead to in the years to come. A garden is never finished.

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