Saturday, January 5, 2013

plum crazy

Planting an orchard is all very well.
It is lovely to be able to pick and eat fresh fruit, straight from the tree - sunripened and juicy, the way fruit is meant to taste.
The reality is here in Queensland, that unless you spray religiously (yes, we've tried the organic methods), the fruit fly get to them.
So, I must "deal" with the fruit.I have to admit that I don't love preserving fruit. It is very time consuming.
But the plums seem to fare better than the peaches and nectarines.
Big ruby red blood plums. 
They are yummy simmered in vanilla syrup with a hint of cardamom...but also quite lovely eaten fresh from the tree - if you're careful.
Before the birds got to the crop this year, I picked an offerering to take to a friend. So she could "deal" with them :)
They do look luscious and what a lovely gift to give a city girl.

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