Monday, August 25, 2014

taking time to smell the ... STOCKS!

I am not a perfectionist. That’s an advantage in a garden this size. I’d go nuts if I thought I had to have it all “just so”. Being in control is the antithesis of gardening ( and farming ) anyway isn’t it?
I am a firm believer in making the best of what you’ve got, right where you’re at.
If I waited until everything was perfect, I’d get nothing accomplished. The garden is a work in progress but I have secret hopes that one day when I grow up, I might be able to have a little sideline creating beautiful bouquets of old fashioned fragrant flowers.
So, I launched into my dream plan …. without a plan, really.
At least I prepared the soil, but there were still weeds and untamed areas all around my little plot. Let’s call it an “agricultural trial”.  An experiment.
The last two years’ stocks were some silly hybrid throwback variety that turned out to be dwarf single flowers – useless for what I had in mind. Then I tried poppies, but found out the hard way, they only last 24 hours once they’re picked.
So this was my fourth year of trowel – err – trial and error.
I tracked down the seedlings which promised to be tall, double, fragrant cerise coloured stock flowers, ideal for cutting. I had to order a mimimum of 285 of the tiny little plants. All the same colour.
I tenderly tucked them in, watered, weeded and helped them along diligently with a couple of doses of seasol. 
And waited.
The dogs tore through them, knocking them sideways, birds nibbled off some new shoots and escapee chooks scratched up a couple, but most of them came through.
‘Do what you can with what you’ve got where you are.’
That’s my new motto.
Yes, I still have plenty of weeds.
But I’ve also got beautiful stocks in all their fragrant cerise coloured glory.


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