Sunday, May 24, 2015

Press the pause button

I am developing an aversion to words like
Hurry, rush, scurry, fast
Preferring instead – ponder, slow and contemplate.

It has been a semi-colon kind of an afternoon
A pause to breathe deep and catch my breath after a busy 'out & about" week.
Autumn verges on the cold snap of winter.
The last of the roses bloom giving bursts of colour and subtle fragrance against the backdrop of barren branches.
The light is low and fading with a mellow hue on this late Sunday afternoon.
Darker and damp after a shower of rain.

It is still and mild, the leaves barely holding on to their hosts. 
The air is poised on the verge of the change of season. 
Winter will arrive soon enough with a whoosh of cold wind and silent numbing frost.

Yesterday was a whole day to pause.
Not particularly productive. A bit of this and a bit of that.
A puddling, pottering, pondering day without any “have tos” on the agenda.
So relaxing.
A foreign word in today’s vocabulary.
Stop. Sit. Still.
Becoming whole again after a scattery rattery time out and about.
Time to feel wholly myself.
Not frayed or frazzled or short circuited.
To think whole thoughts.
Becoming less rare as my children grow older.
Less interruption to arrest those trains of thought and the process of following through.
A new concept after all these years.
Holy space to be quiet.
And listen.

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