Thursday, September 17, 2015

quiet achievers

Squeaky wheels get the most oil. 
Some plants demand lots of attention.
I prefer plants that happily take care of themselves.
That's one reason I like old fashioned roses.

The quiet achievers are undervalued.
Unassuming and undemanding, their unobtrusive attributes are often overlooked.

Take this little beauty – “coco michelia”. 

The subtle muted blossoms are tucked away; hidden at first glance.
It is the pervading port wine fragrance that arrests your attention and can really be appreciated at a distance on the warm afternoon air.

Never assume a quiet person is boring. They have treasure tucked beneath the surface that is deep and beautiful. 
Worthwhile discovering if you give them time and space.
My daughter doesn’t say much, but the way she expresses music through her lovely hands as she plays the cello is an exquisite art form of communication.

The hidden beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit is precious in God’s eyes.

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