Thursday, September 17, 2015

spring beauty

It’s a proper springy spring this year. Not a huge jump from cold to hot temperatures all at once. Sometimes we seem to go straight from winter to summer with no mild weather in between.
This year is perfect with balmy days that gently ease us into short sleeves and bare legs plus cool nights with just a nip in the air.
And today, some welcome rain to encourage all those lovely blossoms and fresh new growth.

Forest Pansy.
So interesting the way the pretty little flowers sprout straight from the branches.

More of my favourite colour in the garden. Can't get enough of this lovely magenta!

This Japanese maple is delightful with its surprising burst of bright red foliage.

“Spring Fire” has vibrant ruby coloured new growth which then changes to green.

I love plants that take you by surprise.

This little bloom below is an akebia - chocolate vine.
It is the first thing we planted here.

Now it is entwined all over the place. Hubby calls it The Triffid.
I am not quite sure how to tame it, but the flowers are sweet and actually smell like cocoa.

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