Wednesday, September 21, 2016

tea time

Tea time is treasured in our home.
It is a special time to pause and savour the simple treat of sipping hot tea – real tea in a pot – and nibbling a sweet little something.
China teacups are not reserved for “special occasions. 
Every day is special!
These past four days have been busy running a (very amateur) tearoom in a beautiful display garden open to the public during Toowoomba’s Carnival of Flowers. We transformed an open shed with pretty bunting, flowers, pink tablecloths, classical music and more flowers.

It was very wet weather this year which put a dampener on visitors out and about.
The customers who did come were pleasantly surprised by the experience of being served “real tea” in the proper tradition with home baked scones.
Teabags? Sacrilege! Styrofoam? Never!
We borrowed beautiful vintage tea sets from a friend.
Many commented that they felt spoilt and the highest compliment was from an English lady who said it reminded her of Home.
The highlight though, was the delight to observe a mother with her three sons.
It has become tradition for them to visit the garden and then share a special teatime. The boys would have been early teens and obviously enjoyed their mother’s company and the whole experience.
They shared a pot of tea – served in a beautiful antique silver teapot with delicate china teacups.
 I think the scones and cake were a bonus!
We spoke briefly about mothers taking daughters out to “play ladies” but how important it is to train young men to be gentlemen.
This mum is doing a fine job!
My daughter, her friends and I raised $1000 for the Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia from our little endeavour.

 I have written more about that over here 

If you are the mother of boys – make time for tea. 
A little civilitea goes a long way.

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