Friday, October 28, 2016

take a detour

When was the last time you went off the beaten track?
Took a detour and discovered the scenic route?
My husband and I have passed like ships in the night recently, interacting on everyday necessity wavelengths.
Time to whisk each other away from normal routine and leave our everyday concerns behind.
His idea was a birthday celebration for me. 
My idea was a much needed dose of TLC for him. 
So we kidnapped each other.
To be together with no agenda other than to relax and kick into neutral.
A road trip is a good way to reconnect.
To be a passenger in the hands of my steady stable husband is a comforting, secure feeling. He seems to have an amazing knowledge about the lay of the land everywhere we go. His agricultural work exploring properties searching for weeds takes him in so many different directions.
When I am in the driver’s seat, the adventure can be a little more exhilarating. 
You never know where we will end up!
I love that feeling of taking an unexpected turnoff and discovering a different route.
There is a sense of anticipation. 
What’s up ahead? What’s around the corner?
New vistas open up that take your breath away and truly refresh your perspective.
An adventure doesn’t have to be overseas and it doesn’t have to be glamorous.
We took a turnoff into White Swamp Road and meandered through a beautiful valley that opened up into a new-to-me national park with secluded camping spots near a shady creek.
Definitely one to come back to with the family.
Sometimes our whole routine needs a shift. 
To change gears and go exploring.
Summer’s coming. 
Time to dust off the camping gear!

And maybe listen to Canyon City's easy music?
"Let's go get lost on a long back road

Where the river turns to streams and the time moves slow
It's not anything you say, anywhere we go
It's just being along with you now,
Being alone with you"

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