Tuesday, November 22, 2016

tasting beauty

It seems surreal to step into the pictures of instagram.

That's what it was like to walk in the door and be enveloped by the warm welcome and tangible atmosphere of Tamsin Carvan's home.

To be seated at that table. 
Tamsin's Table. 
With that glorious view.

Experiencing Tamsin & Melanie's Field & Flourish workshop not only whet the appetite, but it was food for the soul.
The afternoon at the long table lunch were hours to be savoured.

 Melanie Stapleton,from Melbourne's Cecelia Fox floral studio and her lovely assistant Morgana coached each of us in the art of arranging flowers, while Tamsin pottered away in the background, rolling, kneading, chopping, stirring ...and smiling.

Tamsin's cooking was a work of art. So simple and so delicious.

A sip of rose syrup in champagne to tingle the tastebuds before we roamed the rose paddock, gathering armfuls of flowery abundance from Tamsin's rambling old fashioned scented rose bushes, garden and even the veggie patch!

The rooms were filled with flowers!

It was an honor to participate in Field & Flourish 2016.

Dreams were nourished and ideas blossomed in such an inspiring atmosphere with the company of new friends.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Where is this place? I need to visit ��

  2. Absolutely wonderful my lovely friend. Your last few posts are absolutely wonderful.
    I am so glad you had such a beautiful time away.