Tuesday, November 22, 2016

new vistas beckon

Now I know where Poowong is.
It is one thing to see the jot of a spot on a map and another to immerse yourself in the locality.
Poowong, a pretty little place in the Gippsland, now has a place in my heart.

We stopped and stayed and meandered in the Gippsland area for three days on a recent jaunt to Victoria. 
The vibrant green grass was soothing to our parched eyes. Where we come from is shaping up to be the driest season in 60 years!

Our Air B&B bolthole

It is so refreshing to change the scenery. I get a bit restless at this time of year...keen to replenish my own soul to prepare to be hospitable over the holiday season. 

After visiting the UK three years ago, I came home with a hankering to explore the beautiful areas of my own country. We have our own green rolling hills in the right season and some lovely gardens to appreciate. Especially in Spring.

The excuse to go south hinged on a wonderful workshop I signed up to do for my own interest. The bonus was deciding to make it a road trip and take my children along for the ride.

I wanted to give my youngest three homeschooled students an overview of Victoria and southern NSW.  A geography excursion to experience the beauty of our country and a taste for the history in a tangible way. To walk the streets of Ballarat, not just look at photos and read dates in a one dimensional lesson. To feel the blustery wind as they looked out over the bay where the whalers kept watch in Eden. To be awed by the scope of the wild coastline along the Great Ocean Road and to dip their toes in the Snowy River. 
I must admit I am still reeling after a whirlwind 4865 kms in two weeks flat, but I hope it whet their appetites to go back and explore at a later date. I am already looking forward to returning to some favourite areas and slowing down enough to meander more.

                 Contemplating the education of a garden. Food for the soul - 11 year olds included.

                             Red Cow Farm in the Southern Highlands was exquisite. My children enjoyed it as much as I did. Truly! 

 The roses! Oh the roses. The fragrance of these old fashioned beauties enveloped us as we wandered.

There was a wonderful mixture of structure and cottagy blowsy beauty.. A plant collectors treasure trove.
This exquisitie rhododendron and the weigela below were species variations I had never seen before.

I love getting off the beaten track. The road less travelled. Especially by trucks!
This treasure of a spot was where we camped in a state forest on the banks of the Snowy River near Orbost.

You really get to experience a sense of place. Even better if you hop out and walk around the little country towns and explore. The beautiful historical architecture makes my fingers twitch to sketch all those little details. Carpenters were craftsmen in those days. The scrollwork is a work of art.
You don't need to go to Europe to find beautiful vignettes that make your fingers twitch to sketch.

It beats me how to actually make time to sketch when one travels. I popped my pad and pencils in my bag, but I don’t quite know how to stop and sit still long enough to capture it all. Perhaps the art is in the quick draw. I admire the pen and ink sketches people do on the run. I must figure that out.
Meanwhile, as a mere beginner,  taking a photo gives me a second opportunity to sit and savour the building later when I have time to dabble and draw slowly.

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