Friday, March 24, 2017

let it ramble

Our garden is all rambly shambly. 
The grass has become unruly after delicious damp and drizzly weather for the past fortnight. 
The weed seeds are sprouting by the gadzillions and the kikuyu is running amok all through the flower beds.
The right side of my brain says it feels relaxing
The left side of my brain paces around in frustration that everything-at-once needs taming and tidying to bring a sense of order before things get really out of control.
There must be a happy medium. 
Calm, yet a little freedom round the edges.
It is appealing to see a neat, orderly garden. It is restful in a satisfying way.
However, a symmetrical, formal clipped garden with nary a leaf out of place makes me hyperventilate. to keep it that way!
No time to sit under a shady tree or stop and smell the roses.
Isn’t that like our lives? 
There is a difference between chaotic and calm. 
While calm doesn’t necessarily mean spit spot, there is a restfulness that is evident in an environment that is lived in, yet peaceful.
If we spend every spare minute to tidy and dust and clean the house, we don’t have time to sit still and relax with a good book or snuggle a little one with a story, because there are “things to be done!”
There is a difference between dirty mess and disorganised mahem versus the evidence of a little clutter from a lived-in and loving home.
Enjoy your home.
 Enjoy your garden.
 And make time to stop and smell the roses.

Photo by Mikaela Moseling

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