Tuesday, May 30, 2017


 The golden autumn light has been exquisite this week.

The morning shimmers with a gentle glow through the mist until the sunlight shines everything awake. The soundtrack of whipbirds echoes their cracking calls around the hedges enclosing the secret garden.

It is quite balmy and still. 
Such a surprise for this time of year. It will be June in a handful of days. Even though it doesn't feel quite normal, I am relishing the reprieve of mild weather before the chill of winter bites. and happily venture outside in the not-too-fresh air to explore what is new in the garden today.
The fountain gently trickles a cheery greeting.

After a southern sojourn, I embrace here with renewed appreciation. tuned in to the positives and notice all the blessings right under my nose with fresh eyes.
Home. I am re-anchored where my heart belongs.
It takes going away to come back. Wholeheartedly. My heart is prone to wander. I inherited a restless nature that ebbs and flows. It is a relief to satisfy that pull away and gently return like a homing pigeon.
To dig back into my own backyard content to settle again.

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