Friday, November 4, 2011

hemmed in safely

It's been a thinking kind of a day. Comes with being out in the garden so long! I've had my gloves on most of the time and they're wearing out. They have stiffened with so much dirt and have a couple of holes in them...but I LIKE them. ( Hey - they're pink after all) However, my fingers are sore. I think they actually make my hands ache more using them because they are sort of uncomfortable, even though they keep my hands safe from thistle prickles and other nasties.
It is easier to weed without them, but I am conscious I could do more harm without their protection - like touching a ghastly spider or ripping my fingers on a hidden thorny rose branch.
Sometimes we resent God's protection. It's uncomfortable or inconvenient when God hems us in a little...or declines to answer a prayer because He is protecting us from something unseen or unpredictable. How much worse are we if we throw off that mantle of trust in the protective limits He shields us with.

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