Friday, November 4, 2011

thought for the day

I've been thinking...all sorts of "parables" pop into my head while I am scrabbling about in the dirt. Maybe it's got something to do with being on my hands and knees - I often hear God's gentle whispers in the garden.
We have spent a lot of energy clearing the wild weeds, taming the bush and planting civilised plants in our little part of the world. But it doesn't take too long until the wild weeds creep back in. If left to itself, the bush would take over and swallow up everything we've worked so hard for. Unless I am vigilant, lantana and privet threaten to take over. The little seedlings pop up in unexpected places. Even in a spot "outside the fence" which has been cleared for a native garden, the lantana has really taken hold and you can hardly see where we've been only last year.
Our lives can be like that. If we are complacent, those little weeds grow and take root and become so tough they threaten to take over all the good God has done. Be on guard and keep your hoe handy.

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