Friday, August 21, 2015

And there's more!

As I stepped through the pretty blue door this time last weekend, it was as if I walked right into the pages of Australian Country Style Magazine.

The whole weekend felt like being within the pages of that beautiful magazine. From the cosy spot where we stayed in Rydal to a visit to the Moree Gallery on the drive home.

Rose Cottage was actually a feature story a couple of years ago. The quaint little B & B was pictured on the cover and Rydal, famous for cheery yellow daffodils, has also been bookmarked in the magazine.

My eyes feasted on every little detail. Wherever I looked was beauty and inspiration.

‘Kimbri,’ owned by artist Annie Herron, with its pretty nooks and crannies was a treat for the senses. 

My eye has been drawn to Annie’s advertisement in the back pages for years as I tossed up the possibilities of venturing down to her property for an art workshop one day.
I had also noticed the ad for the Moree gallery with its eye popping artwork on display. It was worth the detour to visit at last.
Meeting the editor, mingling with writers and a photographer who freelance for the magazine and some who had been subjects of articles. was all included in this whole wonderful weekend.
 All orchestrated by Sophie Hansen who was featured after her book Local Is Lovely was published last year.

Mazagines’ is a funny family word one of our children mispronounced as a toddler years ago and it’s stuck. They are my little luxury.  Not just any magazines. I have enjoyed ‘ Victoria Magazine’, published in USA.  The English ‘Country Living’ and ‘Australian Country Style’ are my absolute favourites. There is so much reading within the pages, filled with stories and photographs that uplift the soul with beauty, loveliness, hope and courage.
The positive focus of the magazine with such uplifting content inspires me every month.
 I love it. 
As I read stories of interesting people doing interesting things all over Australia in quiet tucked away rural areas, it inspires me to craft our own unique life story.

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