Monday, August 24, 2015

quinces & heirlooms

I tucked a little quince tree in the potager this time last year.
The coral coloured blossoms fit beautifully amidst the rambly cottage plants.

It might be awhile until it bears fruit, so in the meantime I bought a couple of quinces to cook up for breakfasts with vanilla yoghurt and a sprinkle of seeds.

Their delicate fragrance scented the kitchen for hours as they simmered in the pretty syrup.
Thanks Belinda Jeffery for the tips on how to turn this fruit into soft pink loveliness.
Belinda's book The Country Cookbook has totally inspired me.
I love her way of writing and capturing the joy of creating in her kitchen and pottering in her garden.

Notice the sweet little silver spoon?
I have a small knife from my childhood from this range. It became a tradition when our children turned three, that we gave them a Rodd heirloom knife, fork and spoon on their birthday.

Do you have any special "hairylooms" in your cutlery drawer?

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