Friday, August 21, 2015

hunkering down

With spring in the air and these glorious clear warming-up days, I just want to stay home!
It’s such a waste of a good gardening day if you have to go to town when the weather’s perfect.
The garden is calling me. 
I think we ought to have our main school holidays at this time of year when you can really enjoy being outside without getting fried to a frizzle.
It’s amazing what you can get done when you don’t scatter your energy far and wide.
I’ve been like a turtle. Pulling my head in to think and write and process all the creative stimulation my brain is trying to sift. It’s kind of distracting having to think about the normal responsibilities, like feeding people and venturing into a supermarket.

Here’s  a quick meal when you’d really rather be gardening. Or writing. Or practicing taking photos….

A nifty tip for quick pumpkin soup when your pantry is bare.

Chop up an onion, crush some garlic, grate some ginger and saute in a bit of oil. 
Toss in a diced up pumpkin with some chicken stock and…..the secret ingredient - a good dollop of satay sauce (at least a third of a bottle) .
Whiz it up with a tin of coconut cream and serve with toasted Turkish bread slathered in some pumpkin spice dip that you might just happen to discover at the back of your fridge before the use-by date 

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