Tuesday, August 18, 2015

really local is lovely

Sophie Hansen’s yummy fresh food stimulated my appetite for simple, wholesome produce from my own backyard. It is grounding to wake up and wander in my garden after a sojourn away.
 To inspect what’s what in the veggie patch and come inside with a surprising handful of snippets to turn into lunch.
I am secretly procrastinating against the huge task of a thorough stock take to stock up with a major grocery expedition.

I’ve been inspired to use local ingredients. 
 Really local.
It’s amazing what you can find in your own backyard when you really don’t want to go to the supermarket.

Looking further back in the fridge and freezer and really 

simplifying what we can make a meal out of. I made an omelete for lunch. 
 We’ve got a pile of fresh eggs, lots of parsley and the broccoli!

I’ve harvested from our little crop three times. I only bought one punnet of seedlings. A mere half a dozen plants for the whole of winter. Once we picked the main bundle, they’ve just kept growing and the little side shoot florets have been prolific.
I always hope I’ll stagger the broccoli planting and get more seedlings in at least a fortnight apart.
Next year.
(Gardeners can procrastinate. There’s always next year.)
And next year I shall definitely plant more peas.
You actually don’t need that much to feed a family. Even a big family.
One zucchini plant can go a long way, especially when you turn your back for a day.
 I have picked more than 50 (!) little capsicums from one solitary scrubby little bush.

We still have a dozen pumpkins in the paddock and heaps of sweet potatoes hiding in the potager.

The dogs give us a hand to dig them up. Peggy loves gnawing on the bodgy big ones.

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